We Salute You

This May, the military and civilian communities in the Hampton Roads and Ft. Lee communities join forces to honor the nominees, finalists and Heroes at Home Military Spouse of the Year in each region.

We Honor You

The ones working silently behind the scenes are the ones who have always made the long-lasting differences in the lives of service members, military children and their communities.

Who They Are

"We aren't all the same people. We don't come from the same place and we don't all have the same experiences. But our journey is shared and our goals are the same. It all comes down to love – for each other, for our families, for our spouses. That's the tie that binds."

How They're Chosen

A panel of pre-selected judges will review the nominations. The judges will consider the nominee's volunteer efforts, fortitude during deployments/personal sacrifices, support for other military families and impact on their community.

Christina Lara

2013 Heroes at Home Hampton Roads Winner

"You're in this boat," she explained. "The water and ocean is your life. You will have the calm times and the rough times. But you're in control and you're at the helm."

Jessica Naccarato

2013 Heroes at Home Ft. Lee Winner

"Volunteering is a great way to make friends who have common interests and to network. Remember that the time in the Army can be as amazing as you choose to make it, so choose to make it a great experience."

Amanda Hernandez

2013 Heroes at Home Camp Lejeune Winner

"Be ready to roll with the punches. And remember, like with everything in life, it is what you make it."